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Brian Gattz

Owner / Artist

Brian has been practicing the art of tattooing for six years, during which time he has honed his skills in various styles, including surrealism, realism, black and grey, and color tattoos. He was born and raised in Edmonton and was always interested in the arts. As a child, he spent much of his time drawing and painting. Later on, he discovered his passion for tattooing and decided to pursue it. After being an apprentice under a well-respected tattoo artist for several years, Brian opened his own tattoo studio. 


Despite his success, Brian remains humble and focuses on his craft. He continuously challenges himself creatively, always searching for new techniques and styles to incorporate into his work. Brian is passionate about helping his clients express themselves through their tattoos and feels honored to be able to make a living doing what he loves. With his talent, passion, and dedication, there is no doubt that Brian will continue to make his mark in the world of tattooing for many years to come.

Juan Neo-traditional
Juan Neo-traditional
Juan Neo-traditional

Juan Delpino

Veteran Resident Artist

Juan is celebrating 22 years in the world of tattooing, during which he has left an indelible mark on the canvas of life across two nations. As an artist, father, and adventurer, he continues to inspire with each stroke of his needle and brush. In 2023, Radiant Ink, a prominent name in the tattoo industry, recognized Juan's mastery of the tattoo craft and sponsored him, providing a new avenue for him to explore his creativity and push the boundaries of color and design. This partnership marked a significant chapter in his career, allowing him to elevate his artistry to new heights. 


Despite his passion for his work, Juan cherishes the quiet moments spent with his family. His dedication to family life adds depth to the stories he tells, creating a narrative that extends beyond the realm of tattoo parlors and art studios.

self portrait alex
Black and Grey Sugar Skull
Black and Grey Realism
Realism Wolf


Resident Artist

Alex is a seasoned tattoo artist with a passion for ink. He has spent the last eight years creating intricate and meaningful designs on the canvas of his clients' skin. Alex was born and raised in Ukraine, where he spent a significant amount of his life immersed in the rich culture and history of his homeland.


When Alex was 22 years old, he made the courageous decision to join the military and served his country. For over a year, he dedicated himself to duty and embodied the values of discipline and commitment. The experiences he gained during this time shaped his perspective on life and instilled in him a sense of resilience that would prove invaluable in his future endeavors.


Outside of his work as a tattoo artist, Alex and his wife, Val, prioritize their family and create a loving and supportive environment for their loved ones. They navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood together, creating lasting memories with their cherished family.

self portrait luis
Untitled_Artwork 10

Luis Koch

Resident Artist

Luis Koch's artistic journey began in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he grew up surrounded by the city's colorful culture and artistic expression. With a natural inclination for creativity, Luis discovered his passion for tattooing and soon became an accomplished tattoo artist.


Luis's signature style includes neotraditional and neorealistic designs, which have earned him numerous accolades and awards at various tattoo conventions across the globe. He takes great pride in his craft and is renowned for his ability to create striking and intricate designs that resonate with his clients.


Despite his success, Luis remains grounded and dedicated to his craft. He regularly travels the world to tattoo clients and seek inspiration for his next project. Currently, he is based in both Guadalajara and Edmonton, where he continues to create beautiful and meaningful tattoos for his clients.

Skull Tattoo
Floral Color Realism
Surrealism Color Tattoo


Resident Artist

Val is a talented tattoo artist and the wife of Alex. She started her artistic journey in Ukraine, where she was born and raised in the culturally rich city of Poltava. Val spent the first 29 years of her life surrounded by the history and traditions of her country.


Val discovered her love for tattooing a decade ago and has since developed a unique artistic style that showcases her passion for self-expression and eye for detail. Tattooing has become not only her career but also a profound form of storytelling.


Val and Alex decided to move to Canada, driven by their dreams of a brighter future for their family. This courageous leap marked the beginning of a new chapter, filled with opportunities, challenges, and the promise of a better life.



Resident Artist

Munvel is a talented tattoo artist from Mexico City who specializes in Black work and neo-traditional tattoo styles. Despite having only four years of experience, Munvel has established a reputation for himself in the industry for his stunning and intricate designs.


Tattooing is more than just a job for Munvel, it's a true passion. He has always been drawn to the arts and began experimenting with drawing and painting at a young age. After completing an apprenticeship under a respected local tattoo artist, Munvel ventured out on his own to establish himself in the industry.


Munvel has been working tirelessly to perfect his craft and create his own unique style. His Black work showcases a level of detail and shading that is both subtle and striking. Additionally, his neo-traditional tattoos blend traditional designs with a modern twist, resulting in a style that is both timeless and fresh.


Ethan Vollmer


Ethan is an exceptionally talented artist who specializes in fine line work at Phantom Avenue Tattoo. He comes from the diverse and artistic landscapes of Edmonton and Toronto, but was born in Midland, Ontario. Ethan's journey as an artist began at a young age when he discovered his fascination for art and started experimenting with graphite work at seven years old.


As Ethan grew older, his passion for artistic expression continued to blossom, leading him down a path that ultimately culminated in the world of tattooing. In 2020, driven by a desire to leave a lasting mark on people's lives through his art, he decided to embark on a professional career in tattooing. With unwavering dedication and an innate talent for creating intricate lines, Ethan embarked on his transformative journey as a tattoo artist.


To refine and expand his artistic skills, Ethan sought formal education in the field of Fine Arts at MacEwan University and the Ontario Canadian University of Arts and Design. These renowned institutions provided him with a solid theoretical foundation and the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of artistic techniques and concepts.



Martina was born and raised in the charming town of Varese, nestled in the Lombardy region of Italy. She was a child of boundless creativity and always immersed in the world of colors, shapes, and imagination. From her earliest memories, it was evident that art was not just a hobby for Martina; it was an intrinsic part of her being.


Later, Martina decided to pursue her passion for tattooing, fascinated by the idea of turning her art into a form of self-expression for others. She dedicated herself to mastering this intricate craft and studied the art of tattooing for two years with unwavering determination. For Martina, each design she created was not just ink on skin; it was a piece of her soul transferred onto her clients' bodies.


Today, Martina continues to create art that tells the story of her life's journey. Her journey began in the picturesque town of Varese, was shaped by her love for animals and nature, and found its expression in the halls of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Her art is a testament to the power of passion and the boundless possibilities of creativity.

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